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Andrea Sartore is internationally known as a master photography, recently based in GranCanaria Las Palmas . His pictures were used in very famous magazines all around the world, they have been published in magazines like National Geographic, Nature Images, Vogue Italy, Fotografare, Donna, Fashion Odds Magazine, and Fashion World Magazine. 

In the last two years he has won more than one hundred national and international competitions, like the National Geographic, Travel Photographer of the Year, Best Nature Photographer of the Year in Europe.

In 2014 he took part in the national Italian photography and in 2015 he won the gold medal at the world championships.

In 2016 was rewarded and nominated "Best Fashion Photographer" in the United States.

Internationally recognized, called to work in big cities like London, Paris, New York, Milan, Berlin, anticipating trends and always surprising.

His philosophy: 

A photograph that captures the attention is the starting point to stand out from the crowd, aiming at a public that is careful about the detail, the innovative spirit and the aesthetics of advertising.

A picture, to be of high impact, should be able to break out from the moltitude, telling a story to the viewer, provoke emotion and interest.